The Dominance of Chinese Engineering Contractors in Vietnam

[ISEAS Perspective 4/2013] 


Since bilateral normalization in 1991, Vietnam-China economic relations have been developing rapidly. One particular change is the dominant position in Vietnam that Chinese engineering contractors have managed to attain. According to China’s Ministry of Commerce (2010), Chinese engineering companies were by the end of 2009 involved in projects worth US$15.42 billion, turning the Vietnamese market into their largest in Southeast Asia. Various Vietnamese sources also confirm that these contractors are strongly outcompeting contractors from Japan, South Korea, and Western countries. On occasion, Chinese contractors have accounted for up to 90 per cent of EPC (Engineering/Procurement/Construction) contracts for thermal power plants in Vietnam (Nhat Minh, 2012). Continue reading “The Dominance of Chinese Engineering Contractors in Vietnam”

Về quan hệ an ninh và kinh tế Úc-Việt

[BBC Vietnamese] Nhân chuyến thăm tuần này của tân Bộ trưởng Ngoại giao Úc Bob Carr đến ba nước Đông Nam Á – Campuchia, Singapore và Việt Nam, giới thiệu bài viết của Lê Hồng Hiệp về quan hệ Úc – Việt trong bối cảnh khu vực: Continue reading “Về quan hệ an ninh và kinh tế Úc-Việt”